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EDIT: HMRC U-turn on plans to cut access to helplines

HMRC have just announced that further to feedback, they are now halting plans to restrict access to the self-assessment, VAT and PAYE helplines as announced only yesterday while they engage with stakeholders on same.  

UK: HMRC cuts back use of helplines

HMRC has announced that from 8 April 2024, the VAT general enquiries helpline will only be open for the five business days ahead of the filing date each month. Outside of this time, taxpayers will be directed to HMRC’s online services.


Between 8 April and 30 September, the self assessment helpline will be closed and customers will be directed to self-serve through HMRC’s online services.  There are currently no plans to change the services on the agent dedicated line (ADL).  However, HMRC is keeping the service under continuous review.


Unfortunately another disappointing announcement from HMRC.

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